TUBTRAX is a high-speed baggage conveying system.

Bags loaded in carriers are gently transported, even at high speed, with high capacity and faultless tracking. This provides huge benefits at every stage of the baggage handling process, from self-service bag drop at check-in to flight make-up for departure, and from arrivals to baggage claim.

Regular IATA-sized baggage and oversize baggage can be handled by TUBTRAX storage-efficient carriers and oversize carriers in a mixed flow. While bags remain safely loaded from end to end, the carrier is always handled using the appropriate technology for each specific purpose.

TUBTRAX carriers are designed to be transported seamlessly over lean-designed twin belts, go through level two and three screening equipment, and be stored in racks, lanes, or on tilt-tray sorters for high-capacity sorting.

BAGTRAX is an ICS solution that offers high availability through built-in redundancy and can handle large variations in baggage flows.

The system is extremely quiet, ensures 100% tracking and tracing, and reaches a sustained operational availability of more than 99.8%. This results in reliable baggage handling with the lowest costs per bag.

The main benefits of installing an ICS-based solution are excellent process control and low operational cost. Practical experience has proven that, due to the design, operator intervention for an ICS is massively reduced compared to conventional ‘raw’ baggage systems.


  • Full tracking from bag drop to reclaim
  • Smart energy control and green considerations
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Easy and safe maintenance
  • Fast connection times