A contract that will see a significant improvement in baggage handling operations at Norwich International Airport, has been awarded to Vanderlande Industries, the UK subsidiary of the world’s leading baggage handling systems provider.

This follows an extensive site survey that revealed the need for an update of the current system to improve its performance. As a result, Vanderlande used its extensive knowledge and experience to provide a solution that will expand the life of the system currently in operation at Norwich International Airport.

Work will include the installation of a new make-up carousel that has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. It will be one of several steps taken to improve the overall system’s performance and reliability.

The work is being carried out in a live environment to ensure no interruption of the system’s operation. To aid a smooth installation and the continued operation of the system during the works, Vanderlande is working closely with Norwich International Airport, providing support for contingency measures.

Completion is expected in time for half term in May. Major benefits for Norwich International Airport will be a minimisation of the risk of failure and, because there has been no requirement to replace the entire baggage handling system, a reduction in capital expenditure.

Norwich International Airport operations director Richard Pace said: "Vanderlande Industries was able to meet our needs by proposing a reliable solution that will improve the performance of our baggage handling system while at the same time maintaining those parts of the system that did not need replacing. Importantly, its team’s help with the continued operations of the baggage handling system during the new installation means that there will be no interruptions to passenger services."

As a company committed to innovation in baggage handling, Vanderlande sees this contract as an opportunity to expand its contribution to the overall improvement of UK regional airports.

Vanderlande Industries UK director and general manager Nick Porter said: "Vanderlande’s aim is to help its customers to improve the passenger experience and this goal is not limited to the major UK airports. We are delighted to work with regional airports like Norwich to provide tailored baggage handling systems or improvements to existing systems."