Module M2 is a comprehensive service that estimates the space requirements of passenger handling areas, as well as airport and airline lounges.

The module provides answers concerning the procurement of additional equipment for the coming season and identifies how much space is needed for installation and passenger handling.

Specialist airport planning and design skills are not required to obtain results. Pre-set parameters have been used for calculations on the basis of IATA recommendations, best practices and accepted common industry standards.

Module M2 is specifically focused on departure and arrival flows, including passenger handling and waiting areas. It can be used to deliver added value when being used as a budgeting tool for planning terminal expansions and mitigation of existing terminal capacity.

The module allows airports to determine the number of systems and spaces required for installation and adequately handle peak passenger volumes.

Module M2 is suitable for small to medium-sized airports in the ‘one level and open apron’ category, and medium to large-sized airports in the ‘multiple level processor-pier / finger or satellite’ category.

Scan results are presented in a comprehensive schedule featuring colour tags, which highlight the performance of terminal equipment.