AirTOP is a specialised airport and airspace simulation software that lets you study the implications of infrastructural or operational changes before investing in costly and time-consuming construction projects or altering procedures. Consultants, airports, air navigation agencies, research institutes, and regulatory bodies around the world use AirTOP to measure terminal, airside and airspace capacity, pinpoint delays, determine the impact of revised flight schedules, simulate new operational procedures, assess air traffic controller workload, and more.

Providing fast-time results, running hours of procedures in mere minutes, outcomes of different scenarios can be quickly and effectively assessed. Decisions that translate into safe, efficient, and cost-effective operations can be made. AirTOP is a modular solution, giving you the flexibility to purchase the modules you need, with the option to add modules over time. Check out the exciting range of AirTOP Airport and Airspace modules below.

AirTOP Terminal

Improve airport terminal performance and capacity by modelling the flow of passengers, visitors, and baggage in fast-time. AirTOP Terminal offers dynamic features for operational analysis, and allows the user to focus on the terminal as a whole or individual facilities.

AirTOP Airside Aircraft

Using an integrated 2D and 3D graphical user interface, create, simulate, and compare detailed airside layouts, along with performance indicators such as fuel-burn, taxi-time, or runway queues with AirTOP Airside Aircraft.

AirTOP Airside Vehicle

Simulate ground support vehicle movements with AirTOP Airside Vehicle to assess the safety and performance of alternate airport layouts, or demonstrate the effects of ground support equipment on capacity and level of service.

AirTOP Runway Capacity Analyser

Whether considering the construction of a new runway, assessing current runway performance, or determining the potential for adding flights to existing runways, use AirTOP Runway Capacity Analyser to identify the best options.


Understand airspace capacity issues and delay factors, along with the required manoeuvers to safely maximise capacity using AirTOP TMA/TRACON. The software supports all key airport approach and departure procedures while realistically simulating all aircraft movements in the airport’s airspace and required departure/approach controller tasks.

AirTOP En Route

AirTOP En Route is geared towards agencies and airports to simulate the complexity and capacity of upper airspace. It provides realistic en route simulations and supports all key en route structures and controller tasks for modelling and assessing air traffic and air traffic control procedures.

AirTOP Flow Management

Used by those with complex airspaces for large-scale modelling, AirTOP Flow Management facilitates 4D Trajectory Based Operations (4D TBOs), Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) measures, time or distance-based point-in-space metering, re-routing, and much more.


AirTOP WIZer brings the power of fast-time simulations to real-time operations. Acquiring real-world information, such as data on traffic, aircraft locations and weather, this powerful connectivity tool securely integrates with airport and air traffic control systems to provide detailed, up-to-the-minute forecasts of air traffic demand, traffic complexity, and controller workload. These forecasts support supervisors and flow managers to make real-time forecasts and what-if analysis decisions.