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AirTOP is an advanced modelling platform that allows airspace, airside and passenger terminal facilities to be assessed and improved. The software features scenario editing, simulation and reporting for airspace and airport environments with a single sophisticated interface, interactive 2D maps and 3D views.

Users around the globe consist of air navigation service providers, consultants, airlines, authorities, research labs and more.

AirTOP is a modular software, which each individual module being tied to one of three operational realms: airspace, airport, and live traffic forecast and what-if analysis. AirTOP WIZer ACC and WIZer Airside are the two Live traffic forecast and what-if analysis modules.

Airspace modules

The airspace modules of AirTOP are TMA/TRACON, En Route and Flow Management. The TMA/TRACON module enables users to realistically simulate all related aircraft movements in the airport’s TMA/TRACON airspace, and to simulate the required departure and approach controller tasks. AirTOP will assist the busy airport with understanding its capacity issues and underlying delay factors, by linking all airport processes and events such as advanced AMAN, DMAN and emulating ATFCM and CDM events.

With AirTOP’s En-route simulation module, users can create high-fidelity airspace and air traffic models. These models can be used for capacity studies, re-sectorization projects, the re-organization of routes etc. Users can create flight routes as a combination of waypoints and airways/ATSRoutes.

The TBOs & Flow Management module of AirTOP supports the modeling of planned 4D trajectory synchronization and negotiation, airspace planned entry load and occupancy monitoring, flow management and demand capacity balancing, and time-based or distance-based point-in-space metering.

Airport modules

Modules in the airport category consists of Airside Aircraft, Airside Vehicle, and Runway Capacity Analysis. The Airside Aircraft module supports rule-based modeling of e.g runway crossing, turn-around management, de-icing procedures and more. The import and graphical editing tools enable fast and precise designs of the airport ground layout. You can extract KPI’s such as fuel-burn, runway queues or taxi-time.

The Airside Vehicle module supports the modeling of individual ground service equipment vehicles, service roads networks and flows with taxi lane and taxiways interactions and more. It can accurately simulate individual driving behaviors of vehicles, such as speed and acceleration and traffic rules.

AirTOP’s Runway Capacity Analysis module is used to evaluate existing or future capacity of the airport’s runway system, applying Monte Carlo simulation to calculate runway throughput. With this module, users can obtain optimized traffic sequences, test future traffic demand in terms of capacity shortfall or excess, incorporate uncertainties and their effects (e.g airline delay) and more.

Live forecast and what-if analysis

AirTOP WIZer ACC and WIZer Airside are the two Live traffic forecast and what-if analysis modules. These modules make use of fast-time simulation to provide decision support and connects to live data. Operational decision support is provided by producing detailed, up-to-the-minute forecasts of air traffic demand, complexity and controller workload with the option to evaluate “what-if” scenarios to optimize operations in the coming hours.

Download the brochure available on this page for more in-depth descriptions of each AirTOP module, or fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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