AeroSTRIPE lets you draw complex runway, taxiway, and apron markings quickly, accurately, and in accordance with regulatory standards. With its impressive libraries of both ICAO and FAA markings, standard road text markings, and pre-drawn symbols, AeroSTRIPE offers a range of features that will significantly improve the way you manage your airside marking projects

Being able to visualise your drawings is important for any marking design project and AeroSTRIPE makes this possible. The software features various tools that allow you to quickly generate 3D visualisations and provides views from any viewpoint in the drawing. You can create and edit markings with ease and ensure you work within the permitted minimum and maximum standards.

Transoft Solutions strives to keep its software up to date with the latest industry standards, and this latest release of AeroSTRIPE introduces support for AutoCAD 2024 and its vertical platforms, including AutoCAD and Autodesk Civil 3D.

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