AeroSTRIPE offers a range of features that will significantly improve the way you manage your airside marking projects.

AeroSTRIPE will help you with the design of Runways, Taxiways and Aprons using its impressive libraries of both ICAO and FAA markings, standard road text markings and symbols that are pre-drawn to the correct size and shape.

Achieve speed, accuracy and compliance with AeroSTRIPE. See up to a 50% reduction in drafting time over manual AutoCAD processes and up to 80% reduction in time dedicated to addressing revisions and quantity takeoffs.


AeroSTRIPE enables you to draw complex markings quickly and accurately to achieve your required results using a single feature, avoiding the need to use many separate, disassociated CAD entities, for example markings with black outlines. You can create and edit markings with ease and ensure you work within the permitted minimum and maximum standards.

Features include:

  • Uses rule-based markings to ensure adherence to ICAO and FAA standards
  • Supplied with a comprehensive set airside appropriate symbols, text, arrows and linetypes
  • Entire runways can be drawn in from a single line
  • Flexible labelling routines allow for a design to be annotated, using pre-defined and editable text
  • Quantity take off schedules can be extracted for costing
  • 3D view routines ensure markings are clearly seen and understood

Apron Markings

If you need to redesign areas around aprons, AeroSTRIPE has features that will help you quickly draw complex marking layouts. AeroSTRIPE has a wide range of apron markings that can be drawn in any color required. Complex sets of markings can be drawn as one entity, saving staff time on each and every drawing.

Taxiway Markings

AeroSTRIPE combines many cad entities into a single feature that allows you to draw complex marking from a single line, for example a marking complete with black edging. It can draw edge markings with perpendicular bars as easy as drawing a line. You can quickly edit markings created by AeroSTRIPE using object properties and user-friendly ‘grips’, making it easy to get started and quick to learn.

Complete Airport Markings

AeroSTRIPE allows you to draw a wide range of airport markings from both the ICAO and FAA standards. Whether you are working to meters, millimeters, feet or inches, AeroSTRIPE has the markings at your fingertips. It includes a full library of line types, text and symbols for various territories around the world.

Runway Markings

A wide range of runway markings can be drawn. Whether its center stripes, edge lines, touchdown marks, threshold bars or other symbols, AeroSTRIPE allows you to draw these features quickly. AeroSTRIPE rules based markings ensures that features can be created within the minimums and maximums allowed by the design standards.