Bridging the gap between airside planning and operations

AeroCENTRAL is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for sharing key airside infrastructural and operational information in one easily accessible and centralised system. The scalable platform hosts specialised applications that are used for specific operational and technical planning tasks.

The first applications on the AeroCENTRAL platform, Stand Guide and Specifications, allow airports, airlines, and ground service providers to present and access various aircraft parking stand configurations, equipment locations, turnaround procedures, or aircraft technical specifications, to support safer and more efficient decision-making.

AeroCENTRAL works by allowing users to incorporate their existing data with additional technical and operational data into one single platform. It’s possible to couple airside configurations, such as those planned in Transoft’s AviPLAN software, with supplemental data (e.g., turnaround procedures, routes, stand equipment), and with the ability to connect to external GIS databases, Airport Operational Databases (AODB), or Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Whether used by an apron controller or airport planner in the office, or a service provider on the ground, AeroCENTRAL applications are accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on a range of devices with an internet browser. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it simple for users of all experience and proficiency levels to use, enhancing convenience, saving time, and resource investments.

Having a centralised browser-based system ensures airport planners, operational planners and ground service teams publish, access and use the same up-to date infrastructure, aircraft or operational information. This improves collaboration, maximises efficiency, and minimises uncertainty to support safer and more optimal airside operations.

One easily accessible location also removes the need for numerous online and offline data sources, which not only saves time, but reduces data duplication and the risk of error or critical data being lost along the way.

Why choose AeroCENTRAL?

Save time and maximise convenience

Bring data into one easily accessible online platform and make it quicker to distribute and view necessary details, no matter where you are located. Whether you are an airport planner in an office or a service engineer on the apron, you use one interface to access the information. Maximising convenience, saving time and reducing the need for extra resources.

Improve collaboration and efficiency

Present and view airside operational information in a single location and remove the need for numerous information sources. Reducing data duplication and strengthening interactions between planners, operators, airlines, ground handlers and other stakeholders for better collaborative decision-making.

Reduce the risk of error

Eliminate the reliance on static and potentially outdated printed documents or having to re-distribute the data. Saving time and avoiding the risk of error, because all stakeholders are accessing the latest airside infrastructure and operations information from a centralised source.

Increase operational safety

Use one platform to not only ensure that the latest information is shared amongst users, but to also reduce data redundancy and the risk of critical data being lost along the way. Increasing operational efficiency and safety.

Quickly set up and deploy

With no client-specific coding required, AeroCENTRAL applications are easy to populate and publish. The intuitive web and map interface means users of all experience and proficiency levels can use the tool with minimal training. User permission controls also ensure users only see information relevant to their duties.

Harness extra value from existing data sets

Add value to existing data sets by combining them with other relevant data to increase usability, and gain the additional benefit of having all data associated with a location on the map.

24/7 availability

As a web-based platform, AeroCENTRAL is always available to office and on-the-ground teams. 24/7 operational readiness means even in unexpected circumstances users can still access the data.

Scale to suit requirements

AeroCENTRAL is a scalable, modular platform offering you the flexibility to license and deploy task-specific applications.

AeroCENTRAL Stand Guide

The AeroCENTRAL Stand Guide application provides airports with a cloud-based solution for sharing aircraft parking positions and associated operational information in one centralised place. Easily accessible on a range of devices, the application supports users in achieving safe and optimal operational tasks.

The user-friendly and intuitive map-based interface makes it convenient and simple for users of all experience and proficiency levels to use Stand Guide both in the office and on the apron. The application assists technical and operational planners, operators, airlines, ground handlers and other stakeholders to publish, distribute, and view the latest aircraft parking stand configurations, equipment locations and turnaround procedures.

Utilising the AeroCENTRAL platform, daily airport operations personnel, such as apron controllers, can use airport- and stand-related data to allocate resources in an optimal way. Ground handling and maintenance teams can quickly view the information to dynamically navigate airside assets and perform safe and smooth turnaround processes. Information can include output from Transoft Solutions’ airside planning and design software, AviPLAN, or supplemental data such as turnaround procedures, taxiing routes or stand equipment.

Having the data in a centralised location removes the need for printed documents, manuals or using multiple tools from various providers that are only accessible in an office. This saves time and resources, avoids data duplication, and reduces the risk of losing data along the way. It also lessens the risk of error because the latest information is being shared, ultimately supporting safe, efficient, and effective operational decision-making.

As an AeroCENTRAL application, Stand Guide benefits from the user permission management and security controls that come as standard with the platform. Additionally, as AeroCENTRAL is a scalable platform, Stand Guide is linkable with other applications, such as Specifications which gives access to a library of aircraft, helicopter or ground support vehicle technical specifications.

AeroCENTRAL Specifications

The AeroCENTRAL Specifications application brings the market’s most comprehensive and up-to-date database of technical aircraft information and characteristics to the online environment for airport planning and operational purposes.

Easily accessible on a range of devices, Specifications provides quick access to a quality-assured and regularly updated library of over 550 aircraft types. This includes commercial, general aviation, cargo, and military airplanes, helicopters, and electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL).

The centralised library, which features intuitive search, filtering and comparison functions, contains detailed airplane characteristics, such as dimensions, turning characteristics, weights, door and service point locations, jet blast impact surface measurements, and service vehicle arrangement positions.

In Specifications, aircraft dimensions, graphics and other data are presented in a common and consistent format for easy comparison, with the possibility to compare up to five aircraft at a time.

The application eliminates the need to locate manufacturers’ aircraft characteristic reference documents from different and potentially inaccurate data sources. This avoids tedious internet and offline searches, saving airport planners and operations teams hours. It also helps to minimise the risk of error as users are accessing and using the same aircraft information and characteristics that are presented in a consistent and easily comparable way.

This one-stop resource appeals to those involved in the planning and design of airport facilities and other operations staff, both in-office and on the ground.