Innovative software for safe airport operations

For airport planners, tracking permanent and temporary obstacles at the airport or in its vicinity is vital for safe operations. SkySAFE, a CAD-based software, allows users to accurately and efficiently analyse obstacles to ensure these do not penetrate or threaten the obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) defined in regulatory guidelines. SkySAFE is an effective tool for airport planners, operators and safety managers involved in protecting and monitoring the airfield and its runway departure and approach paths.


Reduce time-consuming tasks

Effortlessly build, edit, rebuild, and assess limitation surfaces of any imported obstacle or terrain in minutes. Resulting in a reduction in CAD drawing time and decreased plan generation costs.

Make better, more-informed decisions

SkySAFE features a toolset to analyse obstacle interference and clearance compliance to help make informed decisions. The software allows you to clearly identify obstacles that require review, both with high-conspicuity labelling in the drawing and in complete export CSV reports.

Comply with regulatory standards

With regulations built-in, there is no need to cross reference multiple documents. Compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and several other national regulatory frameworks helps to ensure maximum safety in all aircraft operations.

Use with ease and accuracy

With its intuitive workflow, SkySAFE is easy-to-use. Its workflow processes ensure that no critical entry item is missed. The software is based on user input and software program methods that provide the utmost in accuracy with regard to items such as runway types (lengths and widths), displaced thresholds, longitudinal runway elevations, surface locations and dimensions, and overall 3D depictions.

Avoid costly errors

Obstacle analysis is critical for ensuring safe and efficient operation of aircraft and safeguarding aerodrome operations. SkySAFE software detects obstacle and terrain violations with defined limitation surfaces and obstacle free zones to help you avoid costly errors and achieve accurate results.


Complex multi-runway environments

Accurately model an airport’s operational environment, with single or multiple runways, parallel or crossing. A single merged surface model can be generated for all runways, or surfaces can be created individually, all in just a matter of seconds. Further details such as contour lines or cross sections can be added to further communicate results.

Fixed or temporary obstacles

Once an airport’s operational environment has been modelled with SkySAFE, only a few clicks are required to analyse the impact of fixed objects such as buildings, power lines, lighting pylons or trees. What’s more, these same commands can also be used to quickly and efficiently analyse temporary obstacles, such as mobile cranes. Obstacles are uniquely numbered with logical filtering to review only those that penetrate the protected airspace, quantified with the delta elevation above the surface.

International and national regulations

SkySAFE features a toolset to generate ICAO, EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, BMVBW (Germany), or PSA (France) limitation surfaces in a 2D or 3D environment.

Terrain interference analysis

SkySAFE offers functions for fast and reliable analysis based on geographical input. These capabilities can be utilised to create a SkySAFE terrain from imported survey coordinate data, or reference an Autodesk Civil 3D surface, to assess resulting clearances and potential interference with approach and departure procedures.