Billings Logan International Airport is located in the city of Billings, Montana, US. Image courtesy of Jimmy Emerson, DVM.
The air traffic control tower at the airport is 120ft-tall. Image courtesy of Bradley Gordon.
Billings Logan airport features three runways. Image courtesy of redlegsfan21.

Billings Logan International Airport, the second biggest airport in Montana, US, is located north of Billings.

Owned and operated by the City of Billings, the airport handled 431,449 passenger enplanements and 433,982 deplanements in 2016.

An airport expansion project has been proposed to accommodate the current and projected traffic at the airport. The proposed expansion was approved by the Billings City Council in May 2017.

With a $45m investment, the expansion will increase the landside area of the airport, providing better amenities to the passengers. Main works on the expansion project are expected to begin during mid-2017.

Facilities and features of the existing passenger terminal

Located south of the airport’s main runway, the passenger terminal building is spread across 190,000ft². It employs more than 600 people and houses passenger facilities, airline offices, concession area, and baggage handling and security areas. Multiple renovations were made to the terminal in the past to accommodate the growing passenger base at the airport.

The terminal features two levels, the main level and the concourse level. The main level houses baggage claim area, which features two baggage carousels, change machines and complimentary baggage carts. Other facilities in the level include airline ticket counters, security screening areas, ATM machines, US postal service drop box, elevators, escalators, restrooms, telephone and medical services.

Two concourse levels, namely A and B, feature personal device charging desks, a food court, elevators, escalators, restrooms, pet relief areas, charging stations and water bottle filling stations.

“With a $45m investment, the expansion will increase the landside area of the airport, providing better amenities to the passengers.”

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal, while a wheelchair service is provided by the respective airlines.

Runways at Billings Logan International Airport

The airport features three runways, namely 10L/28R, 7/25 and 10R/28L. Runway 10L/28R is the primary runway, which is 10,518ft-long and 150ft-wide and is topped with porous friction course asphalt surface. It features high-intensity runway lights, medium-intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights, and four-light precision approach path indicator (PAPI).

The second runway is a crosswind runway with a length of 5,501ft and width of 75ft. It intersects the primary runway and is capable of accommodating light twin-engine piston aircraft, large multi-engine turboprops and small business jets. The runway navigational aids include four-light PAPI, three-degree glide path, medium-intensity runway lights, and non-precision marking.

The third runway runs parallel to the primary runway and is 3,801ft-long and 75ft-wide. It can handle single-engine piston aircraft and light piston twins, as well as features medium-intensity lights and basic markings.

Air traffic control tower

Located towards the west of the terminal building, the air traffic control tower is 120ft-tall. The airport falls under the area served by Salt Lake air route traffic control centre.

Parking at the Billings Logan airport

The airport offers long-term, short-term and express-park services. The long-term parking lot, located past the terminal building, offers 620 paved parking spaces. The short-term lot is located across from the terminal and has 195 paved parking spaces.

Express lot is conveniently located within walkable distance from the terminal building and offers an easy and quick service. Also available are 350 long-term overflow parking spaces, located close to terminal entrance, and 186 employee parking spaces.

Fixed-base operator

Edwards Jet Center is the fixed-base operator at the airport. The FAA-approved repair station offers aircraft repair, sales and maintenance services. The FBO owns a fleet of seven aircraft and a 25,000ft² heated hangar space at the airport.

Ground transportation

A variety of ground transportation facilities are available at the airport, including car rentals, shuttle services, cab service, bus/charter service, VIP service and local fixed-route transit service.

Rental car agencies are available at the airport, allowing passengers to book cabs at their convenience.