Keeping employees involved within an organisation when they do not have daily access to a computer is difficult. This group of employees are often not fully reached by programmes focused on internal communication and internal branding. Vredestein, successful and globally known Dutch manufacturer of tyres, also had to cope with this issue and was looking for a suitable solution.

The answer to its problem was to combine interactive kiosks with the PADS Professional digital signage software of Net Display Systems. Together with Dutch partner NykampNyboer, Net Display Systems provided a digital signage solution that entirely meets the expectations of Vredestein.

Being able to inform and involve their employees is very important to Vredestein. People who don’t work behind a desk or regularly pick up their e-mails were difficult to reach. The communication for employees working in production happened mainly through numerous bulletin boards, white boards and printed guidelines: hence the wish to make information more up-to-date, quicker available and more reliable for all employees.

Another wish was to improve the ‘visual performance’, by distributing information from one central point in a structural and modern fashion totally in conjunction with the branding of Vredestein.

To overcome the issues mentioned above NykampNyboer developed a solution that made sure the internal communication coincides with the identity of the Vredestein branding. A new internal communication system was created in the shape of interactive kiosks that are controlled centrally, called Quality Corners.

What really adds value to these Quality Corners is the PADS Professional digital signage software developed by Net Display Systems. PADS makes it possible for the kiosks to be used interactively, meaning users are able to communicate with each other and share information. More importantly, PADS meets all the requirements that Vredestein was looking for in an internal communication solution: controlling information from one central point and keeping employees continuously up to date and involved, all presented in the branding of the company.

In total 13 Quality Corners have been placed. They can be found on the work floor, meeting rooms and the company restaurant.

“The digital signage solution proved its value from day one. The most consulted types of information include the 24hr information and charts on production and the submitted ideas for improving the production process. Further information that is displayed is department specific information, announcements and internal memos. All data are now directly distributed from the system databases, resulting in an efficiency improvement of more than 15 hours per week, which is a remarkable outcome,” says Bandi Vaczi, marketing and communications manager of Vredestein.

The advantage of choosing PADS can not be seen in cost savings like lower printing and paper use, as well as lower distribution, import and handling costs. PADS also contributes to enhancing feelings of pride of involvement with the company Vredestein and its external marketing activities.