Daytona Beach International Airport is located 5km away from the Daytona Beach in Volusia County, Florida, US.

It was transformed into an international airport in 1992. It is spread over in 1,800 acres (728ha). It is owned by Volusia County.

The airport handled 4.98 million passengers and recorded 290,455 aircraft operations in 2010.

Past expansions of Daytona Beach International Airport

In an expansion carried out at the airport in the 1930s, four runways were built. The expansion was meant to accommodate the landing of DC-2 and DC-3 aircraft.

A naval air station was established at Daytona Beach in 1940s, during World War II. All the runways at the airport were expanded by 61m and new buildings were constructed.

In 1946, the airport was handed over to the city of Daytona Beach. A passenger terminal and a control tower were constructed at the airport in 1958.

“The airport handled 4.98 million passengers and recorded 290,455 aircraft operations in 2010.”

The runways were renovated and expanded during the expansion of the airport in 1960s. The east-west runway was expanded to 2,286m.

The two diagonal runways were closed and a new runway parallel to the main runway was built.

The management of the airport was transferred to Volusia County in 1969.

In the 1980s, a midfield control tower became operational at the airport.

A new two-level international terminal was opened in 1992.

In 2004 the fabric canopy was destroyed in Hurricane Charley and the Volusia County Council approved the construction of a new pedestrian canopy. In December 2006, a 400ft long pedestrian canopy was constructed.

The canopy is a covered walkway for pedestrians. It connects parking areas to the front door of the domestic terminal. The construction contract for the project was awarded to Canaveral Construction.

Most of the funding for the project was provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation. The airport has arranged the remaining funding for the project.

G&T Conveyor Company originally designed the baggage handling system at the international terminal of the airport in 1991.

It also provided a design-build solution for in-line screening of the outbound baggage at the airport in 2007.

Daytona Beach International Airport terminal features

The airport has two passenger terminals. The domestic terminal has an 160,000ft² area with six gates.

It is used by Delta, US Airways and AirGate. The features of the terminal include 1,200 public parking spaces and seven car rental companies.

The terminal also features 42 check-in desks, six air bridges and three baggage claim belts.

The international terminal has a total floor space of 60,000ft² with two levels. It was opened in 1992.

The features of the terminal include a federal inspection services (FIS) complex, lower cost user free customs facility and foreign trade zone 198.

“A naval air station was established at Daytona Beach in 1940s, during World War II.”

It also features departures and an in-transit lounge, ramp drive loading bridge and an adjacent warehouse facility.

The passenger terminals are facilitated with ATMs, Wi-Fi coverage, internet stations, restaurants and shopping outlets.

Other facilities include three airport hotels, a VIP lounge, post office, bank and special facilities for the disabled.

The airport has one cargo terminal and 11 aircraft stands.

Airport runways

The airport has three asphalt-paved runways. The first runway (7L/25R) is 3,200m long. The second runway (7R/25L) is 974m in length. The third runway (16/34) is 1,829m in length.

Maintenance facilities

The maintenance facilities at the airport include aircraft maintenance, mechanical handling, and air-conditioned storage and handling equipment.

The fixed base operators (FBO) at the airport include ATP Jet Centre, Commonwealth Aviation, SheltAir Aviation Services and Yelvington Jet Aviation.

Parking areas

The airport has both short and long-term parking options available. It has 365 short-term and 639 long-term parking spaces available. Disabled parking spaces are also available.

Ground transportation, taxis and limousines

Public and private ground transportation facilities are available at the airport. Votran bus service provides regular services to and from the airport. Taxis and limousines services are also available. The nearby hotels also provide shuttle services.