After already having announced in September 2009 that its PADS digital signage software was Windows 7 compatible, Net Display Systems, a Microsoft gold partner, has now received the official Windows 7 certified logo for the software.

“Unlike Windows Vista, the feedback from the market on Windows 7 is very positive. The expectation is that many of our customers will switch from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7 in the near future,” says Arthur Damen, product manager at Net Display Systems.

“Microsoft has tested the latest versions of PADS Professional and PADS Standalone with Windows 7 and the results have been even better than expected. Windows Vista already made better use of the graphical features of Windows (WPF), but Windows 7 really gets the most out of the award-winning PADS software. Practice-based evidence proved that with the same hardware Windows 7 has a much lower CPU usage and significant better graphical performance compared to previous Windows versions.”