Rockwell Collins’ Passenger Processing Platform Deployed at Maldives’ Airports - Airport Technology
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Rockwell Collins’ Passenger Processing Platform Deployed at Maldives’ Airports

Velana International Airport and Gan International Airport in the Maldives are now using Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE™ Common Use Passenger Processing System to help speed-up check-ins for passengers and boost operations.

MLE recently renewed its existing contract with Rockwell Collins while GAN signed a new agreement with the company.

“We have embarked on the biggest project in the history of Maldives to develop MLE. More than a billion dollar (US) investment was made to improve the airport infrastructure. Tourism is the largest industry in the Maldives so our airports, and the experience our passengers have, is incredibly important to our overall economy,” said Mr Adil Moosa (managing director of MACL).

“Rockwell Collins’ ARINC vMUSE enables us to provide a faster and easier check-in experience for our airline customers and passengers. It also enables airlines to share workstations, making the best use of our resources.”

ARINC vMUSE provides a more efficient and cost-effective check-in solution for travelers by providing airlines with operational flexibility while making the best use of an airport’s existing infrastructure.

“Rockwell Collins has worked with Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) for over a decade,” said Tony Chapman, senior director, airport systems marketing and strategy for Rockwell Collins. “In fact, it was our successful relationship as a preferred IT solution partner for MACL that resulted in our new agreement with GAN. We are ideally positioned to support the Maldives airports as they continue to grow.

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