ARINC Incorporated was recently named the official provider of air and maritime border security solutions for the government of the Dominican Republic. The announcement was made at a press conference held in Santo Domingo at the national Immigration Agency headquarters.

The press conference was held to introduce ARINC to the transport sector as the technology provider of choice for aviation and maritime advance passenger information (API) system solutions to help secure the nation’s borders. The event was also used to remind air transport industry representatives of existing aviation API regulations in place for major international carriers (Phase I), officially initiate Phase II for regional and charter carriers, and offer official notification of a maritime air transport API system to be implemented at the conclusion of Phase II. The press conference was chaired by Mr. Jose Ricardo Taveras, director of immigration, and supported by Mr. Carlos J. Ramirez, programmes director and leading proponent of border security in the country at the Department of National Investigations.

ARINC’s ability to meet the government’s border security requirements with expertise, technology competence and cost-efficiency defined them as the clear choice for Dominican Republic officials. Other providers did not have the qualifications to meet the necessary air and maritime technology requirements. The country has plans to work with ARINC to implement an advance passenger information system for ground transportation.

"On behalf of the government of the Dominican Republic, we will capture API data from the entire air transport carrier sector during inbound and outbound flights to and from the country. We are currently the only provider of maritime API system solutions and will capture API data from all maritime transport carriers," said Yun Chong, ARINC global network and IT solutions vice president.

ARINC’s API and PNR solutions form part of the ARINC electronic borders portfolio, developed to meet today’s challenges in border security. The complete portfolio uses ARINC’s expertise in aviation, government, surface and maritime transportation, information technology and systems integration to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solutions.