TransNusa Enhance Passenger Satisfaction with ARINC PaxLink - Airport Technology
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TransNusa Enhance Passenger Satisfaction with ARINC PaxLink

Indonesia-based TransNusa has installed Rockwell Collins’ ARINC PaxLink for the management of airline inventory, bookings and passenger handling services.

PaxLink is a fully-hosted, web-based solution, integrated with the proven ARINC AviNet network for fast implementation and no requirements for additional site hardware or software.

The scalable, flexible solution allows airlines to create a tailored, streamlined passenger check-in, boarding and flight load planning solution, which also integrates online reservation sales, inventory, weight and balance and departure control management.

Rockwell Collins commercial aviation and network services vice-president Michael DiGeorge says: “We designed PaxLink for small-to-mid-sized airlines to better manage its broad array of passenger service needs through one interface. By integrating connectivity, TransNusa can more efficiently manage its growing passenger base at a lower cost with the highest reliability.”

ARINC PaxLink is increasing in popularity and is designed to be used across a variety of transport options such as rail, boat and bus. The number of passengers using PaxLink is expected to increase significantly by the end of this year.

TransNusa hopes the system will improve revenue and create more efficient operations to enhance passenger satisfaction with scalability to assist during peak flow times with a large influx of passengers.

TransNusa managing director Bayu Sutanto says: “TransNusa is a progressive airline always looking for innovative solutions such as PaxLink. This solution is one that will grow with us and provide streamlined operations.”

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