Air Traffic Solutions has announced it will exhibit at the first Vietnam International Aviation Expo 2019.

The event will take place at Tan Son Nhat Pavillon Convention Center on 20-22 November.

The exposition offers a holistic business experience by combining exhibitions, conferences and seminars and a host of networking sessions that connect quality buyers to aviation and aerospace supplies.

A well-recognized aviation company Air Traffic Solutions is the expert in air traffic management. The company has always strived to keep up to date with new technological resources in the aviation industry. Air Traffic Solutions’ participation in the convention will strengthen its assets and will enable the company to share them with other attendees.

Air Traffic Solutions is dedicated to facilitating efficient, safe, secure and responsible operations for the aviation industry worldwide.

This company employes highly experienced professionals, including airspace, safety, system engineering and airport specialists.

During years of service, Air Traffic Solutions has built an impressive portfolio of clients such as PA Consulting, ARUP, Pegasus Aviation Advisers, Australian Government-Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Segar and others.

Air Traffic Solutions spokesperson said: “Our team of experts has undergone extensive training, including operational ‘on-the-job training’ and Workplace Assessor Qualifications.

“This has allowed us to deliver high-level training, service and consulting of air traffic management to our clients. Stationed throughout Australia and the Middle East, we provide unparalleled services and solutions for our clients worldwide.

“In addition to the core team at Air Traffic Solutions, we have a number of highly experienced associates we can call upon for larger projects that meet our customer’s specific requirements.”

The company delivers a comprehensive range of air traffic management services such as airspace design, advocacy and lobbying, environmental impact studies, airspace studies, concept of operations development, procedures development, online training, safety management, system adaptation development, ATC training software for ab-initio approach and surveillance training, system commissioning support and more.