Effective, high-quality consultation service is incomplete without supplying the knowledge and guidance necessary to support the accurate utilisation of specific parts of the new or upgraded system.

We also believe that you need the know-how to resolve issues as independently as possible, even with our expert support. Complete understanding of how your system operates is vital to your success. That’s why our training provision isn’t just about following a set of modules or completing a task-oriented educative activity. We’ve developed a full training programme that can be customised to suit the needs of participants.

Our training programme involves three main aspects of delivery: needs analysis, online resources, and training software. Needs assessment is the foundation of any training or service delivery programme. Our needs analysis segment involves assessing your team’s current skills against your new or upgraded system requirements to develop a training framework. Then, we develop a specific programme to match the needs of your individual team members. We use their strengths as a platform on which to scaffold their learning experience and enhance their acquisition of the knowledge and skills required to operate the new system and troubleshoot potential problems.

Once we’ve developed a training plan for your team, we move into active online training. Using a host of modules that support regulatory requirements, such as DAMP and WHS, we get into the industry-specific protocol for operations, procedures, and safety management. Our online training modules are in accordance with required standards and structured to allow each participant full access to and interaction with the curriculum.

That’s just the beginning. We seek to exceed industry standards and augment your business’s basic requirements for efficiency and success. Therefore, we deliver a two-tiered curriculum with tailor-made training solutions to match the development needs of your business. Both levels are intelligently designed and professionally developed and delivered by experts in aviation and business protocol. Nothing is left out of our training programmes.

We respond to any request for additional information, skill augmentation support, or issues or ideas that may emerge from online training sessions. We encourage participants to plunge critically and creatively into the training models, and we welcome all varieties of feedback.

A critical piece of online training is the installation of an effective, robust technological system. We know that training requires an investment of time and monetary resources and that technology is far too often to blame for wasted time or failed training attempts. Your business requires a proficient technological system without the need to modify curricula.

Essentially, the software should support the training system, not the other way around. We chose Visual Vectoring as a foundation for our in-house greenfield ATC software. That guarantees us a strong platform on which to deliver customised training and make adaptations as necessary throughout the training process to support the training needs of your business. We supply and support training software for ab-initio Approach and Enroute Surveillance Training.

At your request, we can also provide simulated training experiences for managing Compromised Separation events. This ensures that as a business, you are maintaining the highest ATC standards.