We know and support that in order to stay advanced and competitive in air traffic management systems and maintain an exemplary reputation in the aviation industry, continuous learning is essential.

We’ve got you covered. Not only do we maintain a high standard of knowledge and skill for our team experts, we realise that you need to keep your knowledge fresh and relevant all the time so you can stay successful and competitive in the industry.

We believe that research should always lead to innovation. Even the slightest changes can make a dramatic difference in the way systems are launched and managed and how procedures are streamlined. However, change, any change, isn’t easy for those involved, even when we know the benefits. So our research and change management activities involve practical application and full support.

Our research activities target relevant issues that deeply affect the industry. One of the most necessary areas of our research is airspace studies. We conduct airspace studies to investigate and determine airspace structure and classification in order to design safe and efficient airways, approaches, and departures.

We have the expertise and knowledge to provide airport operators with a well-researched and intelligently developed comprehensive airspace study to determine actual airspace requirements. From there, we develop a service plan. Our experts will guide you toward a full understanding of the regulatory framework so you can navigate complex obstacle clearance requirements effectively.

We’ll also help you determine air traffic control rules at your location and provide you with strategies for circumventing risk to enable greater building heights in declared areas.

There is a growing need for environmental impact studies (EIS). Our qualified industry professionals meet the requirements of airspace change proposals based on the findings of environmental research studies or in response to industry regulations.

We provide an EIS with the details necessary to demonstrate that a new system will have no negative impacts on ecological functions or the natural features of the surrounding environment. Our studies include a plan for your business, outlining pragmatic approaches to addressing environmental issues.

One important facet of our service provision is advocacy and lobbying. We have established and respected relationships and partnerships with significant industry, government, and service providers, which enables us to optimise processes and expedite changes to support your business’s success. We work on your behalf to affect change and bring your business to the next level.