Planning and implementation are two of our key services, but we realise, as you do, that full system support requires so much more than one or two steps.

How do you get to the point of knowing that a new or upgraded system is required? What are the procedures for securing a new system? What knowledge and skillsets are necessary for developing and maintaining such a system? What happens during and after implementation? How are key stakeholders supported and informed throughout the entire process?

The questions surrounding air traffic management systems are endless because every organization, system, team, and set of procedures are unique. Similar to other aviation companies, your business requires customised support. But how can consultants achieve the level of understanding about your business required to ensure seamless integration?

We exceed this demand in five key ways: transition planning and implementation, technical planning, development and integration, system commissioning support, aviation event management, and training assessment and delivery. With this multidimensional framework for delivering exemplary support, we help your business implement and maintain a standard of quality demanded by regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

Transition planning and implementation involve a targeted assessment of the scope of transition and a forecast for start-to-finish implementation. Our experts guide the entire process from planning to deployment to post-implementation follow-up.

Each step of the way is customised to respond to your specific business needs, whether you are retrofitting an existing facility or installing a new one. As exemplified in the transition of ATC Towers from legacy ATC equipment to state of the art INTAS equipment, we have the expertise to plan and implement all operational and technical aspects of your transition.

Once your system is active, training is a mandatory provision to make your business fully capable of managing potential operational or technical challenges without having to rely wholly on external support. As you’ll discover in our education, assessment, and training feature of our service, we analyse and provide comprehensive online training using innovative ATC training software.

Event management is another key facet of our full-spectrum support service. We provide support for worldwide conferences and exhibitions for the aviation industry. For example, we worked as the primary contractor for aviation activities at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. We will facilitate business networking and logistical issues such as slot management and parking within a professional environment.