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VHF and UHF radios, Remote Radio Control and Monitoring, and Ricochet Recorder

Jotron has manufactured safety communication equipment and systems for airspace and maritime communication for more than 50 years and has been a high-quality supplier in the field of communications since its founding.

Ringdalskogen 8,
3270 Larvik,

Jotron has manufactured safety communication equipment and systems for airspace and maritime communication for more than 50 years and has been a high-quality supplier in the field of communications since its founding.

Jotron has operations in Norway, UK, US, Lithuania and Singapore, and a representative office in China, in addition to an agent network across the world.

VHF and UHF digital multimode radio

Serving the world of airspace communication, Jotron offers a modern range of high-performance very high-frequency (VHF) and ultra high-frequency (UHF) radios for both civil and military air traffic control (ATC) purposes.

Jotron radios are installed on every continent and designed to meet today’s requirement for ATC voice communication. The unique modular architecture offers the most compact radio system configuration possible, increasing reliability and simplifying installation, inspection and maintenance.

With a significant reputation as a provider of modern air traffic control systems, Jotron can create customer specific solutions, utilizing accessories from top-end suppliers.

VHF AM digital radio

Jotron 7000 series VHF Multimode Digital Radio complies to known international standards and recommendations and has earned a reputation for being among the most reliable radios available. References are available from civil aviation authorities who are deploying these radios in the most severe environmental conditions.

Design and technology have not been compromised to create the most compact radio available, as shown by the fact that this is the radio range with the best MTBF figures. The VHF multimode digital radio combines excellent RF performance in congested areas with an advanced digital signalling technique to cover the future radio communication needs of civilian authorities.

Controlled by an ultra-fast digital signal processor, the radio is the ultimate choice for all professional ground-to-air communication systems, with easy control, no internal tunable parts and high reliability. Easy to install and virtually maintenance free, this radio system complies with or exceeds all international standards.

UHF digital radio

Jotron UHF digital radios are designed to provide ATC communication for professional users in the air defence frequency range. The radios provide excellent audio performance together with unmatched RF performance in tough electromagnetic environments. Voice over IP, AM and FM modulation, remote control via SNMP, and high MTBF figures are factors that makes these radios a crucial tool for the professional market.

VHF AM mobile radio

For airport ground services and vehicle or portable emergency installations, the Jotron VHF AM Mobile Radio is the optimal choice. Mobile radio variants are desktop, vehicle, last resort, man-portable, sub-rack and offshore. Areas of use are firefighting brigades, petrol trucks, buses, lorries, follow me cars, maintenance personnel and movable air bridges or as a last resort radio in the tower.

Remote radio control and monitoring systems

Jotron’s remote control systems comprise units for audio, frequency selection and more sophisticated all radio access control. Jotron’s Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) is a highly advanced computer-based system intended for ATC applications for local airports or wide area control centres.

Ricochet Recorder

Ricochet is Jotron’s world-leading recorder system for aviation and marine safety communications. Ricochet captures and synchronously replays all data, ready to deliver the total scenario when reconstruction of an incident is imperative.

This recorder is flexible and modular, allowing an unlimited number of channels to be recorded simultaneously. Ricochet recorder is fully integrated to all Jotron’s radios and based on COTS hardware. In compliance with national and international standards, Ricochet is designed for worldwide ATC environments.

Multi-channel replay

Ricochet replay client is highly user-friendly and allows quick access to the data, which assists investigatory work, as well as search and rescue operations. Multiple channels can be selected with a few mouse clicks to practically instantly play audio, radar and screen images and other data, in perfect synchronisation.

Bugesera International Airport

Bugesera International Airport (BIA) is currently under construction in the Bugesera District, approximately 25km south-east of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. It will replace the existing Kigali International Airport.

Jotron Celebrates 50 Years of Business

Jotron, a leading manufacturer of communication systems for sea, land and air safety, is pleased to be marking its 50th year of business in 2017.

Jotron to Provide Support to the UK Ministry of Defence

Jotron has signed a new contract with Aquila. The contract includes future support, maintenance and upgrades of Jotron technology on military installations in the UK, as well as on several of the British Overseas Territories.

Jotron Takes Part in £1.5bn UK Military Air Traffic Management Deal

Jotron AS is a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety. The company is a key supplier of ATC communication technology to Aquila, a joint venture between NATS and Thales, which has signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to transform terminal air traffic management at military airfields.

Jotron Announces New Managing Director

Jotron, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality communication products and systems for land, sea and air applications, has announced that Merete Berdal, Jotron's director of administration and HR and former chairman of the board, will take over as managing director.

Jotron to Supply Radios to 46 Norwegian Airports

Jotron AS designs and manufactures high quality communication products and systems for land, sea and air applications. Jotron's VHF and UHF radios are installed at 500 airports, in more than 150 countries. The company has entered into a contract with the Norwegian company Avinor AS. The signed framework agreement includes supply of Jotron's transmitters, receivers and transceivers, and equipment for remote control and monitoring.

Join us For a Product Demonstration at Stand 941

Jotron will be present at the World ATM Congress next month. The congress combines a large-scale exhibition, world-class conference and social events, providing premier networking opportunities and the chance to find out the latest trends and developments in air traffic control.

Fully integrated Jotron Radio and Ricochet Recorder System Ready for Installation at Four Airports in Namibia

Jotron AS designs and manufactures high quality communication products and systems for land, sea and air applications. The company earlier this summer entered into a contract with Namibian based company Teltech for delivery to the Civil Aviation Authority in Namibia. Four local airports will be equipped with Jotron's fully integrated solution for aeronautical radios and recording system.

Successful Show for Jotron in Madrid

Jotron AS is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art VHF/UHF radio systems and controllers for the global Air Traffic Control (ATC) and coastal communication market. Supplier of advanced recording and replay systems, Ricochet, is part of Jotron's ATC and Coastal Communication Division.

Jotron Launches Ricochet Compact Recorder 2U

Jotron AS is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art VHF/UHF radio systems and controllers for the global air traffic control (ATC) and coastal communication market. The company announces the launch of Ricochet Compact Recorder 2U (RCR2U), designed for small ATC operations for recording up to 32 audio channels.

Jotron to Exhibit at ATC Global 2010

The Jotron group, a well-known manufacturer of flexible, practical, modular ground-to-air aviation communication products with MTBF of more than 20 years, will be exhibiting at ATC Global 2010. The exhibition is to be held in Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands from 9-11 March 2010, and

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