Jotron AS is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art VHF/UHF radio systems and controllers for the global air traffic control (ATC) and coastal communication market. The company announces the launch of Ricochet Compact Recorder 2U (RCR2U), designed for small ATC operations for recording up to 32 audio channels. Ricochet is a part of Jotron’s ATC and Coastal Communication Division, and world-leading in sychronised recording and replay within ATC.

Ricochet’s solution captures and replays all data, ready to deliver the total scenario when reconstruction of an incident is imperative. RCR2U is based on COTS technology, and allows operators to install, operate and maintain their own recording and replay environment.

The system offers instant replay access and integrated replay and data management. The process is managed with few operations, and replay of a channel is done by a simple click. Recording solutions supported by RCR2U are mainly for audio and LAN-data recording. The audio can be E1/T1, VoIP or analogue – or a mix of them. The LAN-data can be any data streams, like radar. Optionally, radar can be recorded on synchronous serial inputs.

Intended use is for recording of 16 or 32 audio channels and 2 LAN-data channels – with a high degree of built-in redundancy. A 32 channels audio system will typically hold 4-6 months of recorded data on the online storage.

"RCR2U is grand technology for small ATC operations," says Rolf Parnemann, area sales manager, Jotron. "Ricochet is designed for small and large operations alike. RCR2U is an affordable and user-friendly recorder, yet with the same high quality and proven recording technology as for all Ricochet systems."