A new voice and data recording system is part of upgrades in Bahrain’s air navigational services aimed at enhancing air traffic control safety.

Implemented by the transportation ministry’s Civil Aviation Affairs Air Navigation Directorate, the new system employs state-of-the-art technology of voice and radar data recording used at air traffic services and standards to assist in daily tasks and decision-making processes and incident investigation. It will also provide tools for training on improving standards and quality of services.

The aeronautical automatic message switching system has also been upgraded in keeping with the latest generation solutions. The system is integrated with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s aeronautical communications fixed network, allowing the distribution of aeronautical messages across the network.

The upgrade will ensure uninterrupted distribution of aeronautical messages after processing in the event of a major failure of the main system, marking a significant enhancement of safety in air traffic control operations.

The Bahrain Centre for Aviation Communications is a key player in transmitting aeronautical messages between the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Other key projects undertaken by the directorate include creation of a new automatic system to optimise utilisation of manpower at the air traffic control centre. The system specifies the number of air controllers required for each shift based on the requirements of air sectors within Bahrain’s flight information region.

Additionally, the system can be used to identify any potential shortages in the number of air controllers due to vacations or attendance of training courses, thereby allowing management to organise shifts.

A call-out system has also been developed, which will further enhance the use of resources at the air traffic control centre.

Simultaneously, work has also started on a project for installation of a new automatic aviation broadcast system to all aircraft transiting the Bahrain flight information region, as well as departing and arriving aircraft from and to Bahrain International Airport.

The system will allow aircraft crew to automatically obtain significant advance information about weather and other essential changes in Bahrain International Airport, which may affect the safety of air traffic. These will be transmitted through audio broadcasts on voice frequency and data via data-link network.

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