Jotron, a leading manufacturer of communication systems for sea, land and air safety, is pleased to be marking its 50th year of business in 2017.

After rising from humble beginnings as a manufacturer of amplifiers for television antennas in 1967, the small electronics company soon began supplying new products.

The Tron 1 was the world’s first Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). After the introduction and release of this product in 1970, Jotron was soon recognized as a significant supplier of advanced safety communications equipment.

Jotron entered the Air Traffic Control (ATC) market in Norway in the mid-1970s with the development of a single radio.

From the mid-1990s, Jotron evolved from a supplier of individual radios to a complete systems supplier.

Throughout the 1980s, Jotron grew into Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of EPIRBs for ships and VHF radios for airports and offshore platforms.

The first step towards becoming a global company was in 1986 when Jotron established an office in the UK. Later, offices were also established in Singapore and the USA.

Jotron’s philosophy was and still is one of being cautious and expanding the business in line with rising sales and growing markets. Today, Jotron’s communication technology is in use all over the world.

The company has two product divisions: the ATC & Coastal Communication Division supplies ground to air communication products and systems, and the Maritime & Energy Communication Division supplies maritime distress communication and internal communications and alarm systems for ships, offshore and land-based facilities.

Jotron managing director Merete Berdal said: "I am extremely proud of our company’s fantastic history. We start our 50th year as a rock solid company.

"Jotron has been built ‘stone by stone’, and today holds a strong position within its markets, both in Norway and abroad."

Berdal emphasises the need to look to the future and continue to maintain a development tempo that is in line with market requirements.

She insists that Jotron will by no means rest on its laurels: "We steadily work on developing new markets for all our business areas, and simultaneously develop new products that satisfy new requirements and specifications."

For more information about the company and its history, please contact Jotron via the enquiries form.