Jotron, a leading manufacturer of safety products and systems announces the release of the compact and portable TR-910 Multipurpose VHF Airband Radio. TR-910 is available in a variety of configurations to meet the demands of the ATC, oil and gas industries.

Jotron radios have a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance in harsh environmental conditions. With a total weight of 1.95kg, TR-910 is a compact high-quality radio for all areas where portability is a key factor. TR-910 can be a last resort radio, the main radio in e.g. helidecks, set in a desktop, vehicle mounted or carried in a bag.

The mechanical design and upgraded architecture of TR-910 is based on the well proven Jotron VHF and UHF radios. It is fully VoIP-compliant according to ED-137c and TR-910 meets or outperforms all radio requirements specified in ETSI EN300676 and EN301489 (EMC).

TR-910 uses a standard connector for headsets and microphone and has output for recording in compliance with ED-137. Thus, this radio can easily interface with record and replay systems, like e.g., Jotron’s Ricochet recorder, remote control systems, monitoring systems and even a VCS.

“This lightweight, robust and portable radio adds perfectly to Jotron’s existing radio portfolio,” says Roar Flaatnes, director sales and marketing. “TR-910 is a truly multipurpose radio, configured to meet the demands of most markets with a need for portable VHF airband radios.”

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