The Blastrac BMR-85D is the first and only multifunctional and hydrostatically driven machine on the global surface preparation market. Due to the fact that the BMR-85D can fit several attachments, it gives the user a lot of flexibility to satisfy the needs of the job in hand whatever they may be shot blast, scarify or sweep, all are possible with the Blastrac BMR-85D.

Enclosed cabin

Work functions are carried out by the machine operator working from an enclosed cab from where they control all the important processes using one user-friendly touch screen. The cabin is air-conditioned and heated and has a maximum decibel rating of 72dB(A).

Dust collector

The BMR-85D has an effective and very powerful on-board dust collection system. Together with the big bag system, this collects airborne particulate and contaminants such as paint, surface residues and debris. It is a guaranteed solution for dust-free, safe and highly efficient operation.

Engine and hydraulics

The Blastrac BMR-85D has side shift, to enable the machine to operate in close proximity to an edge on either side of the machine. The BMR-85D is powered by an 85-horsepower diesel engine, and is equipped with the most modern hydraulic and electronic technologies.

The Blastrac BMR-85D is especially developed to treat big surfaces, such as runways, roads, highways and bridges from within a safe, ergonomic and comfortable work space.

Main features of BMP-335A

  • Closed circuit, which is dust free
  • The big bag system collects airborne particulate and contaminants such as paint, residues and debris
  • The extra weights of over 500kg is 100% centred and placed above the drum shaft, which guarantees the best possible scarifying results and productions rates
  • Extremely low vibrations and noise levels
  • Fully hydraulically driven
  • Equipped with a ‘fast tilt’ system to lift the rotating drum from the surface without having to lift the complete attachment
  • Micrometric and memorised adjustment of the working depth; no underground deterioration
  • Easy and user-friendly connection system for BMR-85D
  • Can also be equipped with sawing blades
  • Several optional cutting tools for each different application

Please download the PDF files below for more information about the BMR-85 BMP-335A and Blastrac equipment for airport applications.