TAV Information Technologies

IT Systems and Solutions for Civil Aviation Authorities, Airport Operators, Airlines and Ground Handling Companies


TAV Information Technologies is a core technology provider and system integration company, specialised in aviation, which delivers turn-key airport systems and infrastructure solutions for various parties in airports, including airport authorities, airlines and ground handling companies.

While supporting an airport management's complex operations, an activity that requires extensive experience, TAV IT aims to utilise its team of seasoned experts to continue to improve its quality of service while reducing costs.

One of the industry's pioneering companies, TAV IT's accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of airport management systems and applications has equipped it well in developing turn-key integrated solutions for airport infrastructure systems and re-defining processes whenever necessary to provide further increased efficiency.

With its broad range of products and services from analysis to design, from consultancy to support and maintenance, TAV IT delivers turn-key solutions for airport projects. In all new deployments and during an existing airport's redevelopment, TAV IT ensures that all of its customers continue to receive fast, high-quality service free of any operational interruptions.

TAV IT's products and services are used by over twenty airports in:

  • Turkey
  • Europe
  • North Africa
  • The Middle East
  • The Caucasus

Integrated products and services powered by continuous technological innovation products:

  • AODB (airport operational database)
  • FIDS (flight information system)
  • RMS (resource management system)
  • IB (information broker)
  • CMS (commercial management system)
  • CDM (collaborative decision making)
  • SCS (slot coordination system)
  • PIS (passenger information system)
  • TAV mobile applications
  • VIP and CIP operation and reservation suite
  • Eagle lost and found application
  • MIS (management information system)
  • IMS (infrastructure monitoring system)


Consultancy services:

  • ERP
  • ICT and SAS design
  • IT governance
  • MSI and programme management

Maintenance and support:

  • 24/7 call centre support
  • Data centre management
  • Database and system maintenance

Contact Details

Istanbul Ataturk International Terminal
34149 Yesilkoy
+90 212 463 3000
+90 212 465 4310

Available White Papers


We Guide Your Processes 18 February 2016 TAV IT works closely with business owners to design the 'best fit' solution, customised to their specific business needs, and helps them to find an optimal mix of products, technology and resources.


We Connect you with your Clients 04 February 2016 Combining the use of mobile apps and location-based services, the airports are now able to reach out to their VIP passengers in the right place and at the right time (for example when they are walking towards the security check) to increase customer engagement and drive interactivity.


We Simplify Your Travel 21 January 2016 TAV IT offers the 'smart' airport concept, which provides ease, comfort and advanced security for passengers, enhancing the overall airport experience and optimising the operational efficiency of airports.


We Monitor Your Systems 07 January 2016 IMS is developed by TAV Information Technologies to detect and address any outages, or potential outages at the earliest possible time.


We Support Your Decisions 17 December 2015 The goal of TAV IT VIP / CIP services is to meet boutique service-level expectations at the airport, offering the highest level of comfort delivered at a global standard.

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