Resource Management System and Collaborative Decision Making - Airport Technology
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Resource Management System and Collaborative Decision Making

TAV Technologies RMS TAV Technologies CDM

TAV Technologies Resource Management System (RMS) is designed to help effectively plan airport operations, while the Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) is designed to streamline operations throughout the airport.

Resource Management System (RMS)

RMS provides improved passenger service levels and more efficient use of airport resources through better planning and the optimum assignment of resources.

Management of critical assets is crucial to for optimal effectiveness of airport operations. The TAV Technologies RMS system has advanced optimisation capabilities, which have been developed in cooperation with academics in the field using extensive mathematical modelling and optimisation algorithms, thereby ensuring flawless resource allocation and increased utilisation of resources.

TAV Technologies RMS is comprised of the following modules that can be installed either in their entirety or on an individual, modular basis:

  • Stand and gate management
  • Check-in desk management
  • Carousel management
  • Chute management

TAV Technologies RMS offers extensive flexibility and can be configured to implement numerous business rules and processes. The business logic of the system is consistent and reflects phases of the operation process comprehensively. Any rules / constraints (operational, financial or preference-based) with logical combinations and weightings can be defined, enabling users to model a variety of scenarios and business cases to obtain ideal and applicable resource allocation plans.

Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

With its flawless attention to detail, TAV Technologies CDM is designed to provide perfect harmony throughout the airport.

In full compliance with Eurocontrol’s A-CDM concept, TAV Technologies CDM provides a reliable and dependable platform, which can share information between all stakeholders such as aviation authorities, airline operators, airport operators, ground handling service companies, ATC and the CFMU.

Beyond complying with Eurocontrol’s current CDM concept, TAV Technologies CDM provides greater flexibility in order to accommodate all future extensions to this concept. With its advanced KPI monitoring and process management functionalities, TAV Technologies CDM is more than a sharing platform; it assists in keeping processes under control. TAV Technologies CDM directly helps in reducing delays and taxi times, improving punctuality and even the optimisation of resource utilisation.

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