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Baggage Reconciliation System

TAV Technologies BRS

TAV Technologies Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) is designed to ensure operational efficiency by automating the baggage reconciliation process.

Handheld terminals guide baggage handlers during the loading process and indicate whether the item is authorised to be loaded onto the aircraft, based on real-time data received from departure control systems. User friendly and multi-language interface of TAV Technologies BRS ensures simplified and error-free interaction for baggage handlers.

Lost or misplaced baggage could cause severe consequences for passengers and harm customer experience immeasurably. TAV Technologies BRS effectively contributes to the operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction by speeding up the baggage operation processes and reducing the number of mishandled and lost baggage.

Airlines and airports are strictly required to follow many rules and regulations to sustain security in air transportation. TAV Technologies BRS is the ideal solution that serves aviation stakeholders to comply with these regulations.

TAV Technologies BRS aims to ensure that the passengers and their bags board the same flight and no bag stays in the aircraft if its owner is not on board. TAV Technologies BRS has an advanced alert mechanism for that, which comprises the following:

  • The system notifies baggage handlers about the bags to be offloaded with clear indications on handheld terminals
  • Baggage handling supervisors can monitor the entire operation on a user-friendly centralised web application and be notified about the unexpected cases

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