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Passenger Processing and Document Authorisation Software

TAV Technologies CUPPS TAV Technologies TDAS

TAV Technologies offers a Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) and a Travel Document Authorisation System (TDAS) to enhance airport operations.

Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS)

Passenger growth in the world continues to rise and is predicted to grow. To support this growth, the airports and airlines need to match the increasing demand and improve resource utilization.

With TAV Technologies CUPPS platform, check-in desks and gates, as well as all peripherals, can be shared across multiple airlines, optimising efficient use of airport resources. Airline applications can be deployed and accessed by the airlines on the CUPPS platform with a standard methodology, removing the need to customise the application for each vendor from scratch. Airports, airlines and ground handlers all benefit from reducing operational and capital expenditure.

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Travel Document Authorisation System (TDAS)

Boarding card validation is crucial for flight safety, airport security, passenger satisfaction and operational efficiency. In the ever-busy environment of airports, it is essential to run the bar-coded boarding pass (BCBP) validation process quickly and reliably. TAV Technologies TDAS is a robust BCBP validation solution thanks to its advanced validation logic and effective integrations.

TAV Technologies TDAS validates the passengers’ access to the secured zone based on the rules predefined in the system. The system is flexible to define security regulations and airport preferences as rules, that way, the BCBP validation operates as an automated process and improves the operational efficiency at the airport.

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