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Smart Airport and Infrastructure Monitoring System

TAV Technologies SMART TAV Technologies IMS

TAV Technologies provides its SMART programme to help airports enhance passenger satisfaction and improve efficiency, in addition to the Infrastructure Monitoring System, which helps to highlight any issues across the airport.

Smart Airport

TAV Technologies offers a ‘smart’ airport concept, which provides ease, comfort and advanced security for passengers, enhances the overall airport experience and optimises the operational efficiency of airports.

TAV Technologies SMART is creating a passenger-oriented, technology-driven airport experience for passengers, airlines and airport operation teams by taking full advantage of data science, developments in mobile technologies and innovative thinking propelling us into the 21st century.

TAV Technologies SMART is a comprehensive platform that includes and employs number of airport solutions, along with integration of data flowing from passenger interactions and airport systems to offer the most efficient airport ecosystem. TAV Technologies introduces a trend-setting smart airport concept built on vast aviation experience and technology knowledge from continuous ongoing collaboration from our team. Our attention to passenger experience drives our planning and execution in coming to the airport as a hassle free environment.

Two aspects of TAV Technologies SMART are passenger experience and operations management.

Infrastructure Monitoring System (IMS)

IMS is developed by TAV Technologies to detect and address any outages, or potential outages at the earliest possible time. The goal is to ensure that services are always up and available for your end users. IMS is the complete visualisation, monitoring and analysis solution for IT infrastructure and services, enabling the monitoring of complex and distributed structures.

IMS provides a single solution to manage physical, virtual, and mobile systems as well as a deep visibility into the health, performance and availability of the complete infrastructure including applications, operating systems, hardware and network

IMS can be customised to meet your specific needs, from simple availability to full performance monitoring using deep system interrogation with automated actions and responses, along with a series of escalation procedures. We employ multiple tools for managing and monitoring ICT systems in order to meet your requirements and help you decrease your operational costs.

Our monitoring and management solutions are already deployed in several airports and organisations for a wide range of infrastructure complexities and sizes.

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