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Airport Operational Database (AODB)

TAV Technologies AODB

TAV Technologies Airport Operational Database (AODB) is a comprehensive central solution for operational data management.

It combines efficiency along with guaranteed, consistent and robust operational performance. The AODB stores, distributes and manages all seasonal and real-time flight data. Additionally, it transforms all aeronautical and non-aeronautical services data to accurate financial figures quickly and coherently.

Key benefits of AODB include:

  • Multilingual user interfaces
  • A web-based, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Enhanced security across all levels via authorisation and authentication mechanisms
  • Powerful, yet easily configurable user access management
  • Enhanced notification and alert features
  • Advanced auditing facilities
  • Extensive statistical and reporting capabilities
  • Configurable for IATA and ICAO codes
  • Advanced integration capabilities with any systems found in an airport environment.
  • Easily customisable and configurable for dynamic airport tariff management; integration with any ERP system for billing purposes
  • Compatible with Eurocontrol A-CDM approach: the system can integrate with A-CDM platforms, which allows the tracking and monitoring of KPIs in real time
  • Provides a collaborative working environment for all parties, both internal and external
  • Provides one central data warehouse for all of an airport’s operational, financial and statistical data

AODB includes modules that allow management and monitoring of flight data throughout their lifecycles, including seasonal flight, active flight and commercial management.

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