After a tender process, Terma has been contracted by the Danish air navigation service provider, Naviair to deliver its TERADS emergency system.

The system supports Naviair’s implementation of DATMAS – Danish Air Traffic Management System, and will take over when the existing CATCAS system is closed down.

Terma will deliver TERADS by the end of 2006, and throughout 2007 TERADS will run in parallel with DATMAS during the shadow operation period until DATMAS is certified and declared fully operational by 2008. After that, TERADS will remain in its function as an emergency system to DATMAS.

The TERADS emergency system will secure the ATC controllers’ situational awareness, including the ability to clear the airspace at any given time in case of an operational emergency situation.

The system will support a total of 63 work stations at the airports of Copenhagen, Billund and Roskilde.

Once implemented as an emergency system, TERADS continually supports and backs up ATM, unlike most competing emergency systems that require a start-up time from idle mode.

The decision by Naviair to select TERADS for its emergency system builds first and foremost on the system’s structural simplicity and low complexity. These characteristics secure stable operation, trouble-free and immediate user control with little demand for additional training, and the user-friendly HMI of TERADS provides easy customisation of fonts and colours to match the existing environment.

While basically simple and robust, TERADS is supported by TERMA’s roadmap for future product development based on inputs and demands from the existing users of the system.

Terma offers its TERADS users to join a dedicated user group that sets the milestones for continuous updates and modifications. These are then made available to all members of the user group whenever a new version is released, but can of course also be acquired by non-user group members at an extra cost.

TERADS is built on a stand-alone pc-based platform, using Windows NT or XP operating systems, and certified by the Norwegian authorities. The extensive use of COTS components secures low maintenance costs, high reliability and easy implementation within customer environments.

TERADS has been certified for operational use by the Norwegian authorities, and the documentation from this process secures easy operational certification by any CAA.

TERADS was developed by Norway’s CAA, Avinor, to support the helicopter operations servicing Norway’s off-shore oil rigs. Two years ago, Terma acquired TERADS, and obtained the global sales and marketing rights, excluding Norway. Since then, Terma has refined and developed TERADS as a modular system including TERADS Tower, TERADS Backup and TERADS RADS.