Terma Awarded a Contract for D-ATIS and General Display System for the New Doha International Airport

As subcontractor to Selex Sistemi Integrati, Terma will supply a digital automated terminal information service system (D-ATIS) and general display system (GDS) for the New Doha International Airport in Qatar.

The D-ATIS system is based on the Terma ATIS/VOLMET Flex platform which is the ultimate solution for capital and major international airports with large aircraft operations volume or airports with strong focus on service availability and performance. The system supports any combination of ATIS and/or VOLMET. The system’s excellent flexibility allows you to configure the system in whichever configurations you may prefer. The service layout as well as input handling, GUI forms and readouts may also be configured as desired. With built-in DataLink capability, Terma ATIS/VOLMET Flex may operationally provide a range of additional services, e.g. departure clearance. In addition, the ATIS/VOLMET Flex can work as a DataLink gateway to other voice ATIS systems.

For the general display system, the Terma ATC*ISS system is the most optimal solution. The ATC*ISS is an integrated information system designed to meet the need of today’s air traffic controllers for structured and updated real-time information. Terma ATC*ISS is the perfect tool for collecting, organising and severing relevant air traffic information, such as meteorological overviews and forecasts, air traffic load data, runway conditions, maps, NOTAM information, CCTV and much more. The ATC*ISS provides one single access point for information, improving air traffic safety, as well as working conditions and situational awareness for the air traffic controllers. Terma ATC*ISS is an advanced information integrator and the system can drastically reduce the number of displays in any control tower as well as centres and approach.

Both systems will be installed in the spectacular air traffic control tower in the New Doha International Airport. The Tower will be an elevated, triangular shaped structure, topped by a glazed control room, 80m above the airport.

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