IAA Selects Terma’s TERADS Emergency System

At Christmas in 2007, Terma was awarded a contract with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for the delivery of an emergency air situation display system for their Air Traffic Control Centre in Dublin and Shannon.
The emergency air situation display system is based on the Terma TERADS BACKUP system (radar data processing display system) which was delivered to the Danish ANSP Naviair last year and went into operational use in December 2007 in connection with Naviair’s cut over to their new air traffic control centres in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Billund, and tower in Kastrup.

The system operates as a hot standby emergency system (backup) to their main radar data processing display system. It has been important to the IAA in their choice of supplier that Terma’s reference of the TERADS BACKUP system has already been approved by another service provider as an emergency system and that this service provider has the same main radar system as the IAA.

Nikolaj Kannik, director of sales and marketing, AIR, Terma said, “The fact that it is the same system to be delivered to IAA as delivered to Naviair is an important milestone for Terma A/S. Naviair and IAA are both members of COOPANS whose members cooperate in order to harmonise procedures and standardise the respective ATM systems which are the foundation in the delivery of air traffic services.”

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