Automated Terminal Information Service to the Malé International Airport

Terma recently delivered an automated terminal information service (ATIS Plus) system to the Malé International Airport in the Maldives, one of the fastest growing airports in the region.

The ATIS Plus system relieves air traffic controllers of the burden of continuously providing meteorological data, and the cockpit crews can enjoy a distinct, high quality broadcast of ATIS information whenever needed.

The ATIS broadcast can be generated as follows:

  • Text, which is sent to briefing and the ATC systems
  • Voice, which is sent to the radio transmitter, so the pilot can listen to the ATIS broadcast
  • DataLink, which is sent via DataLink service provider to the pilot’s ACARS computer

ATIS Plus is primarily deployed at regional and domestic civil and military airports/airfields. It provides combined ATIS broadcast in either single or main/hot standby configuration. The system complies with ICAO and WMO standards.

ATIS PLUS is a fully automated ATIS system ideal for regional airports. Its standardised features include all that are needed for an ATIS service, a result of our extensive experience in delivering ATIS systems accumulated over more than 15 years. Automatic broadcast is complemented by manual recording and input whenever it is needed.

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