Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, announces an agreement with MAP Handling, AMC Group, one of the mainground handling companies in France, to implement Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing.

This implementation will mean that for each of MAP Handling’s airline customers, all contract details such as lists of services, status of handling and service level agreements (SLAs) will now be easily accessible.

Details of the contract can be exported to mobile devices, allowing operational staff to record and track in real-time the services that are provided. This results in increased efficiency in handling and coordinating the services detailed in the contract, tracking additional services that are not included therein, as well as billing reports and invoices.

Already a user of Amadeus Altéa DCS for Ground Handlers, MAP Handling will be able to enhance the quality of its business analysis and improve key commercial decisions such as SLA performance and pricing policies, thanks to Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing.

Frederic Meyer, CEO Map Handling, AMC Group, commented: "In the ground handlers’ world, excellence of service relies on efficiency of operations, alignment of planning, and optimisation of resources.

"Based on the positive experiences we have had with Amadeus in the recent past, we look forward to cooperating with Amadeus to further improve the service levels we deliver to our airline partners."

John Jarrell, head of airport IT, Amadeus, commented: "In today’s competitive environment, ground handlers face the challenge of dealing with a large number of agreements and contracts across many different teams.

Amadeus Airport Contract & Billing will permit our launch partner, MAP Handling, to enhance the analysis of its operations, boosting efficiency and enabling the ground handler to make more informed decisions based on up-to-date data."

The Airport Contract & Billing module is part of Amadeus’ holistic approach to ground handlers and airport solutions.