UFIS Airport Solutions (UFIS-AS) has developed and delivered a new de-icing module for the flight information system at Warsaw’s Frederic Chopin Airport – just in time for the cold weather.

The new module allows users to indicate if de-icing is required for a flight and the start and end times of the de-icing procedure and the holdover duration. It is integrated into the UFIS® flight information processing system (FIPS) or can run as a stand-alone application. The enhancements include a new report, accessible in the module itself or through the UFIS FIPS reports module. Changes made to flight records through the de-icing module are also tracked through the UFIS data changes module.

In addition to the modules listed, the UFIS installation at Warsaw also includes FIDS, a web-based counter application running on the CUTE workstations and a web-based staff information application as well as interfaces to the baggage handling system, the docking guidance system, the building automation system, SITA, AFTN, radar and TMS lighting system.