Officially opened in December last year, Suvarnabhumi Airport Railway Link began commercial operation on 23 August this year, shortening travel times for inbound and outbound air travelers. The UFIS® Flight Information Display System (FIDS) plays a key role in displaying flight information for passengers checking in at the downtown Makkasan Station. Information is also provided above the 28 check-in counters where passengers may check in their luggage before boarding the train to the airport.

As soon as the passenger arrives at the Makkasan station, the flight information display system provided by UFIS Airport Solutions informs the passenger of the status of the flight, whether it is on time or delayed or whether there has been a gate change. Through an interface to the Airport Operational Database, the display system shows exactly the same information that is being shown at the airport. Arrival and departure flight information is also displayed at the Suvarnabhumi Station.

The 28km rail link connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to the east of Bangkok to a terminal in the Makkasan area. With the speed capacity of 160km/h, the train will serve eight stations and can carry up to 50,000 passengers daily.