In June, Amadeus’s airport IT business unit invited a range of industry experts and its customers to Madrid to talk about everything from new technologies transforming the check-in and bag drop experience, to chatbots and airport drive-thrus that are innovating the industry.

These are the top three things Yannick Beunardeau, head of airport IT global sales, picked up from this year conference:

  • How powerful it is to bring our customers and partners together to discuss and debate the future of our industry. Amazing things happen when the entire ecosystem is in one place which was apparent during the breakout sessions where we got to hear feedback first hand. Take the passenger touchpoints for example: airports, ground handlers and airlines all agree that the passenger is owned by all three players and there is a need to collaborate to ensure that passenger has a consistently smooth experience while at the airport.
  • How exhilarating it is to see our customers and partners embrace Amadeus. We came to the market with a disruptive proposition, questioning traditional ways of understanding business models and technology, and thinking about how to deliver value to the whole aviation ecosystem. We not only think of airports and ground handlers, but we also work in delivering benefits to the customers of our customers, both airlines and passengers. At the conference, there was a great sense of collaboration between our customers and partners and this only excites us to see how we can continue to play a role in evolving the industry together.
  • How delegates at the conference confirmed that they perceive Amadeus as an innovative company and the right partner to build long-term relationships. After three years since the Amadeus airport IT business unit was created, our division is well established with 230 customers of our solutions and we look forward to building more relationships with even more innovative solutions.

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