UFIS Airport Innovation (UFIS AI) has completed the extension of its Baggage Routing and Information System (BRAINS®) at the expanded main terminal at Geneva International Airport, Switzerland. The successful completion of the project, which started in October last year, allows UFIS AI to continue to play an integral role in the baggage handling and logistics operation at Geneva.

The system installed the airport includes BRAINS high-level control systems, interfaces, configuration, workstations, servers, low-level controls, electrical construction and wiring, as well as the BHS core network. UFIS AI is also providing 24-hour hotline support.

Coping with increasing passenger traffic

“The successful delivery of BRAINS at terminal T1+ allows UFIS AI to continue supporting our existing customer with a high-quality, flexible solution,” said Frank Mikkelsen, managing director of UFIS-AI. “Our new baggage handling system enables the airport to cope with the increase in passenger volume expected in the coming years.”

Anders Sagadin, president and CEO of the UFIS group, said: “We are pleased to support Geneva Airport in its expansion by supplying our BRAINS solution. The project represents a major contribution of UFIS AI to the success stories of the UFIS group this year.”

The new facilities of Geneva’s main terminal were officially inaugurated in October this year. On the check-in level, the modernisation includes 13 additional counters and a new baggage sorting facility.

Some 9.9 million passengers per year pass through Geneva International Airport, with passenger traffic expected to grow to 14.5 million by 2020. More than 40 scheduled airlines operate at the airport with 1000 departures a week, as well as several hundred charter flights.