UFIS Airport Solutions (UFIS-AS) has completed the second phase of the implementation of the passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) module at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

This phase followed the installation of the PRM application in Terminal 1 and includes implementation of additional functionality and enhancements preparing for its use in terminals two and three. The enhancements aim to support Singapore Airport terminal services (SATS) in providing services to passengers needing special assistance and improving the quality of these services. These enhancements to the PRM application are part of an overall UFIS® resource management system (RMS) upgrade which also includes additional enhancements to the integrated iTrek wireless application.

The implementation of the PRM enhancements is in response to some additional requirements of SATS. For several months, UFIS-AS specialists have worked closely with PRM key personnel from SATS to gather and discuss their requirements in order to implement the additional features. This additional functionality includes new reports which show the consolidation of all passengers with reduced mobility for a particular flight and creating a reference list of all services provided to airlines.

Other new features allow the PRM user to filter the PRM requests, for example for the three different terminals and to configure the PRM request list to meet a user’s specific needs. This list can then be printed out or exported to excel for operational purposes such as billing the airlines for services rendered.

“The additional functionality added to our PRM application will provide better support to SATS in handling the passengers who need special assistance,” said Holger Mattig, managing director of UFIS Airport Solutions, Singapore.

“Singapore Changi Airport is one of our most important customers in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Anders Sagadin, UFIS-AS’s president and CEO. “We look forward to continuing the successful partnership with SATS and the implementation of the next phases of the UFIS RMS upgrade at the airport.”