UFIS Airport Solutions (UFIS-AS) and First Ondemand have announced they have signed a Letter of Intent to establish a collaborative marketing, development, and OEM agreement. The two companies wish to work together to deliver solutions targeting the global airport industry using First Ondemand’s Authentisec solution as the enabling technology to enhance the security aspects of UFIS-AS’s suite of airport solutions (UFIS®) used worldwide.

This agreement will enable UFIS-AS to provide improved security solutions in the face of growing security concerns in the airport industry. It will also allow UFIS-AS to expand its presence in the UK and US markets, while at the same time enabling First Ondemand to enter into the global airport and aviation industry.

It is intended that First Ondemand’s Authentisec solution will be integrated into UFIS-AS’s comprehensive and integrated suite of products to provide the following:

  • Enhanced security for authenticating the industry’s automated ticketing process
  • Improved security and integrity for passenger check-in processes and identity management at airports
  • Increased security for tracking and tracing passenger baggage and commercial cargo using UFIS Airport Innovation’s baggage handling solutions with established and implemented RFID-based solutions
  • An enabling technology platform to promote a unified solution for the airport industry’s ticketing, passenger check-in, and baggage handling reconciliation requirements
  • Enhanced employee security and identification processing for UFIS-AS’s resource management solutions

UFIS-AS is the global leader in delivering solutions and applications to the airport industry and in providing data for promoting collaborative decision making (CDM) information to all principle stakeholders in the airport community. The addition of the security-related information will further enhance and comply with the industry’s additional requirements to the security and auditing standards.

“I am excited to announce our intention to cooperation with First Ondemand in providing enhanced security solutions to our clients,” said Anders Sagadin, UFIS-AS’s president and CEO. “I am totally convinced that the focus on the industry’s current security issues and how it affects our product portfolio can be satisfied by using Authentisec as the enabling technology platform. First Ondemand will be a great partner for us to manage the growing security concerns and requirements of the airport services industry.”

“I am extremely pleased,” said Stephen Moore, First Ondemand’s CEO and founder, “to have this opportunity to work with UFIS-AS in order to implement our technology with their in-depth industry expertise and airport solutions knowledge as well as their existing global market presence in this industry.”