UFIS Airports Solutions’ (UFIS-AS) newest customer is Alitalia Ground Handling at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. With the assistance of its local partner Softlab, UFIS-AS is delivering its UFIS® Resource Management System. The delivery has been in a four-phased approach. Operational use of Rostering and Coverage for apron services began in late April with daily deployment, using OPSS-PM, beginning in June. Alitalia is scheduled to begin using Rostering and Coverage for its passenger services at the beginning of October. This will be followed by operational use of OPSS-PM for passenger services at the end of October.

The UFIS® package for Alitalia includes an Airport Operational Database (AODB), Basic Data Processing Systems, a Flight Information Processing System (FIPS), and a Resource Management System (RMS).

The Flight Information processing system produces long- and short-term flight schedules and updates these schedules in real-time, including actual times and load data, for all Alitalia flights operating or being handled at the airport. Data not provided directly from Alitalia’s own flight system can be entered manually.

One essential source of information is SITA telexes that are received via an interface. UFIS interprets the telexes and updates the database accordingly. Additionally, each telex is linked to the relevant flight, providing a complete history of information for each flight.

The Resource Management System produces rosters for personnel and equipment resources based on the data in the flight schedule, determining the requirements for equipment, terminal resources and staff with appropriate qualifications. It provides functions to support demand and coverage calculations, shift and duty rosters, and daily rosters and deployment of resources.

These three applications provide an overview of Alitalia’s operations at the airport, giving an up-to-the-minute display of the demand for resources and the degree of demand coverage.

“We are excited to add a second customer at Rome Airport,” said Holger Mattig, managing director and CEO of UFIS-AS. “We look forward to facilitating an even more integrated environment between our two customers there so that all airport stakeholders can see increased benefits.”