Two of the five best airports in the world, according to the Airport Council International’s (ACI) annual passenger survey, use UFIS Airport Solutions’ (UFIS-AS) Universal Flight Information System (UFIS®).

Singapore Changi Airport, ranked second, and Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, ranked fifth, have received the prestigious ACI Airport Service Quality award for 2009. The two airports are also ranked the same within the Asia-Pacific region ratings. Dubai International Airport, another UFIS customer, is ranked second in the Middle East region.

UFIS customers are also ranked well in the size categories. Hyderabad is ranked number one for its size (5-15 million passengers) while Singapore is second in the 25-50 million passengers category, followed by Shanghai Pudong Airport, a fourth UFIS customer, ranked fifth.

The best improvement award by region went to Delhi International Airport in Asia Pacific region, bringing the total number of UFIS customers to five within the survey categories.

High quality passenger services

“We are proud to have altogether five of our customers ranked in the top five in all four categories – best airport worldwide, by region, by size of airport and best improvement by region,” says Anders Sagadin, UFIS-AS’s president and CEO. “This is a great achievement and an excellent reference for UFIS-AS underlining the benefits our solutions have for our customers. We are pleased that with UFIS we can support the airports in achieving top performance and providing high quality services to passengers.”

The UFIS product line is composed of software packages for the airport operational database (AODB), flight information processing system (FIPS), flight information display system (FIDS), and resource management system (RMS). The product line is selectable, configurable, and scalable for each individual airport.

In Singapore the Changi Airport Group (CAG) uses the UFIS AODB and FIPS to plan and allocate terminal resources. Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) uses the UFIS AODB, RMS, and FIPS as well as Hub, Status, and ULD management systems to efficiently plan human resources and to ensure timely services to arriving and departing flights.

In Hyderabad, Dubai and Delhi, the UFIS products are playing a key role in the flight planning, apron resource management, and flight information display systems. The three airports are using UFIS AODB, FIPS and FIDS together with systems integration and interfaces to standard external systems.

The airport service operation centre (ASOC) at Shanghai Pudong International Airport has been designed and implemented by UFIS-AS.

These top performing airports have been announced as winners in the annual ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) passenger survey. As a reliable monitor of airport service, ASQ is used by many airports as one of the key performance indicators of the airport’s service.