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Basic is a vacuum lift that can be used for lifting baggage quickly. The user just places the vacuum head on the bag and it is automatically stuck and ready to lift. The user can easily move the load up and down and it is possible to rotate the load. If necessary, it is possible to release the load in the air by pressing a release button. A complementing hook is always enclosed and easily flipped down if needed. Basic can therefore lift soft and hard baggage.

The control is very instinctive and easy. The handle is specially designed to suit both left and right-handed users, and no modifications are needed to switch from the right hand to the left hand.

Basic is pneumatically driven and only requires a small percentage of the energy needed by traditional vacuum lifters. This gives a positive effect on economy and environment, and also makes the lifter silent.

Basic is a safe lifting tool. It will not lift if the vacuum level is below 40%, and will not release the bag until the user pushes the release button.