The Container Unloading System (CUS) is a development of the Container Loading System (CLS), optimized for unloading baggage containers. Similarly to the CLS, it has a lifting table that can be moved with a handle from the container to the lateral or quayside. Emptying a container is now even easier with the new extended telescoping table, which is leaning in a 5° angle.

The user sets the operating table at the desired height, gives the bag a gentle push and the bag quickly slides over the board and down to the conveyor belt. By telescoping the table into the container, it is easy to reach the inner layer of bags.

One bag is unloaded from the unit load device (ULD) in only three seconds. Manual lifting and carrying is no longer necessary and successful tests have shown that the user easily learns how to use the CUS, due to its instinctive way. The user also quickly realises that he or she soon benefits by the fact that no bending of the back or other awkward positions are needed and therefore still feel fit after a day, or a week, of work.

The installation of the CUS is simple. It can be mounted in rails in the ceiling or on the ground, depending on your wishes and the assigned work area. Different types of carts or containers are not a problem. Neither does it matter if it is a moving carousel or a lateral on the other side.

CUS is one of the fastest and most ergonomic ways to unload a baggage container.

Its features include:

  • Max load: 40kg
  • Media: Compressed air (6bar-7bar)
  • Unload speed: 20 bags / min