Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions is happy to attend Passenger Terminal Expo 2012 to follow up the success in Copenhagen last year. This time Lifts All is bringing even better news for wallets as well as handlers.

The brand new lift, Basic, is made for loading and unloading baggage carts. Designed with both a vacuum head and a hook it allows both regular loading and odd sizes. It works as an extended, stronger and faster arm for the user. Thanks to the clever technology behind Basic Lifts All can promise huge savings in energy costs compared to traditional vacuum lifters.

Basic can be mounted in the overhead rail system or in the new light weight crane, the FlexiCrane.

Lifts All will be happy to show you the improved container loading system (CLS).

Visit Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions at stand(no 5006 to view and try Basic, the FlexiCrane and CLS live.