Since April 2018, Munich Airport has installed 30 baggage lifts, including both Lift All’s Container Loading System (CLS) and Container Unloading System (CUS) in the baggage handling department of Terminal 1.

The original Container Loading System (CLS) has been developed by Lifts All Airport Handling Solutions in collaboration with experienced baggage loaders at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Powered solely by compressed air, it is a fast, ergonomic and durable extension of the user’s arm and an innovation for baggage handling between the conveyor belt and the ULD. The CLS is a lifting table that cannot only lift bags but can also easily be adapted for postal bags or carton boxes, among other items.

The Container Unloading System is a development of the Container Loading System (CLS) optimised for unloading baggage containers. Like the CLS, it has a lifting table that can be moved with a handle from the container to the lateral or quayside. Emptying a container is made easier by the extended telescoping table, which leans at a five-degree angle. The user sets the operating table at the desired height, gives the bag a gentle push and the bag slides over the board and down to the conveyor belt. Telescoping the table into the container makes the inner layer of bags accessible.

Munich Airport has decided to continue its collaboration with Lifts All Handling Solutions and will be investing in additional baggage lifting systems from us next year.