Ammeraal Beltech is proud to introduce the new rPET, a groundbreaking conveyor belt produced from recycled PET bottles, that delivers a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious designs, all while optimising your operational efficiency.

Stop compromising on performance

Designed to relieve the growing pressure to reduce energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and operational costs within the airport and logistics industries, AMMdurance rPET is the right choice to enhance your standing in the area of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Demonstrate your commitment to responsible resource management and environmental stewardship. By choosing our innovative solution, you strengthen your reputation, attract conscious investors, and grow the value of your business.

Energy-saving design and recycled PET fabric: the perfect synergy for your business and our planet

Ammeraal Beltech’s AMMdurance rPET is designed with one goal in mind: to help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, without sacrificing functionality and performance capability.

Hence, we’ve developed a special technique of dry fabric treatment that reduces the friction between the belt and the underlying machinery. This innovative method not only reduces power consumption by approximately 17%, enabling superior energy efficiency, but it also protects the fabric against dirt and shrinkage, facilitating its longevity and wear resistance.

By utilising discarded plastic bottles and transforming them into high-quality fabric, AMMdurance rPET makes a substantial contribution to combating plastic waste. In fact, for every square metre of this new product, 14 PET bottles of 1.5L each are recycled. The result? CO₂ emissions reduced by 70%, compared to standard synthetic belts.

AMMdurance rPET: durability, sustainability, and energy saving in one belt

“The AMMdurance rPET is the most efficient conveyor belt on the market. It revolutionises logistics and airport operations, proving the opportunity for both, improving performances and operational sustainability. It’s a win-win solution for your business and the planet,” said Ammeraal Beltech CPM head Michel Keetman.

We convey sustainability through strong partnerships: Heathrow Airport

We support our partners in providing their customers with unique Ammeraal Beltech solutions that help limit resources and enhance the value of their business.

AMMdurance rPET has undergone rigorous testing at the renowned Heathrow Airport, the largest airport in the United Kingdom, which confirms its exceptional performance and sustainable features.

This important partnership reinforces this belt’s effectiveness and reliability in real-world operational environments.

Act now for a better future

By choosing AMMdurance rPET, you make a pledge to future generations.

This innovative product stands out from conventional belts, ensuring undeniable benefits for your industry and the planet. AMMdurance rPET’s reduced power and resource usage, as well as extended lifecycle and revolutionary design, grant a full sustainability score spectrum and therefore certification opportunities.

Since PET fabrics are compatible with various belting applications, including baggage handling, this combination is the next big step in reaching sustainability goals for the airport industry.

Are you ready for it?