New Airport Belting Solution from Ammeraal Beltech: AMMdurance - Airport Technology
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New Airport Belting Solution from Ammeraal Beltech: AMMdurance

Process and conveyor belting products must meet high performance standards in complex, extended, and necessarily secure airport environments, so Ammeraal Beltech introduces an advanced energy-efficient solution: AMMdurance.

AMMdurance is the latest conveyor belt among the Ammeraal energy saving products and belong to a range of reliable belts, used in the airport industry.

A trio of prime benefits

AMMdurance brings a trio of valuable new elements to the conveyor belting process of today. First, its specially-developed dry fabric coating drastically reduces friction, resulting in consistent energy savings. Secondly, unlike silicone, its dry fabric coating protects the underside of the belt from contamination, and from pollution and subsequent shrinkage, which minimises maintenance and downtime. Thirdly, AMMdurance belts will resultantly reward users with lower total costs, and higher profitability.

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